Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year 2013!


Owh harini smua cuti semperna CNY..
and as usual mmg TASHA & familia akan celebrate dgn our Chinese family..
sbbnya Mr.Azril kan mmg ada leh dpt angpau! Yeay! Ihiks!

and we really had a great time with all familia..
we all g melawat rumah uncle & untie di Petaling Jaya..

So dpt la snap bbrp keping pic masa tu.

Enjoy viewing...

tu dia tgk Mr.Azril sebijik kan mcm dalam family cina..
tu dgn uncle2 dia laa tu..

ladies as usual chatting!

gong xi fa chai!

and last but not least
its the 3rd CNY celebration for Damian while Hazel it is her 1st CNY celebration!

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