Monday, July 8, 2013

International Corporate Video Shoot!


heyya uols..
ingat lagi entry TASHA yg sebelum ini
(kalau tak ingat scroll down je..hehehe)

yg i was selected to be one of the CDM yg akan appear on the company's
International Corporate Video

dan pada
3 JULY 2013
baru-baru ini shooting session telah dibuat di HQ, Meru Klang
and this is the moment yg sempat di snap!

enjoy it!
put on mic!
 standby camera..!!!

sesi tu tak lama sangat pun..
sekejap je..
coz TASHA sendiri hav my on experience with the camera..
but it was really fun!
sbb diorg nya production team pun memang sporting & happening!
apa-apapun big thnx to JN coz always being with me!
lebiu JN..

last but not least ofcoz to my beloved one
my hubby
coz always being with me 24/7

tak sangka dulu masa memula buat bisnes asalnya nak buat sambil2 je..
tapi sapa sangka by the time now both of us dah at the highest ranking in company..
Crown Diamond Manager 
bayangkan bile husband and wife in the same title!
best wooo the feeling!
you guys need to try it!

so to all of you yang nak tahu rahsia bagaimana kami suami-isteri build-up family income dalam bisnes ini, roger je kami laju-laju & kami sendiri akan kongsikan caranya dgn anda!
and its all 

it's time to make a change!


make your call
0133929466 | 0133939466

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